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  • 100% Automated System


  • 1% Daily Return  (Monday-Friday)


  • Earn 3%-30% Binary Bonus


  • Real Time Trading and Mining


  • Transparent Owners With A Successful Track Record


  • Valuable Digital Products On Cryptocurrency


  • Live Weekly Training (Learn how to trade)


  • Automatic Daily Commission Withdrawals


  • Forex Trading


  • 24/7 Customer Support


CBT (Crypto Bit Trade) is comprised of the highest quality financial site. Within the CBT platform  we provide our members with the most expert and most timely technical analyses, fundamental analyses and news-pieces.

We assist retail and institutional investors in using crypto trading and other instruments as an asset class and part of their investment objectives. We strive to offer the best trading platforms with access to low-cost pricing, reliable trading infrastructure, fast execution and exceptional client support.

We have the best & experienced professionals on board with complete In & Out Knowledge of the business and are completely focused & dedicated towards customer service & satisfaction.

Exclusive Member Benefits

CBT offers some unique advantages that will do a lot for your bitcoins.

Simple and Easy To Use

Everything has been designed to make it easier to manage, including accessing our platform via a computer, tablet or mobile phone.

Real-Time Tracking

You have a complete Back Office at your disposal to keep up with everything 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

Complete Automation

Our platform is fully automated and integrated from receipt to payment.

Binary Network

Accelerate your results using the power of the binary network that distributes from 5% to 30%.

Duplicate Your Amount

We double the amount of the plan chosen by you with a yield of 1% per day.

Daily Payments

Every day our system automatically deposits your bitcoins earned in the registered wallet without the need for you to request a withdrawal.

100% Trusted Platform

We have real trading and mining program with actual products and services.

Long-Term Partnership

We focus on a long-term fruitful cooperation with clients, partners and employees.

Membership Plans/Packages

CBT Starter

0.01 BTC

  • No Daily Trading Bonus 
  • 3% Binary Bonus
  • 0.02 BTC Daily Limit 
  • 0.06 BTC  Monthly Limit


0.05 BTC

  • 1% Daily Trading Bonus 
  • 5% Binary Bonus
  • 0.10 BTC Daily Limit 
  • 3 BTC  Monthly Limit


0.10 BTC

  • 1% Daily Trading Bonus 
  • 7% Binary Bonus
  • 0.2 BTC Daily Limit 
  • 6 BTC  Monthly Limit


0.30 BTC

  • 1% Daily Trading Bonus 
  • 10% Binary Bonus
  • 0.6 BTC Daily Limit 
  • 18 BTC  Monthly Limit


0.50 BTC

  • 1% Daily Trading Bonus 
  • 13% Binary Bonus
  • 1 BTC Daily Limit 
  • 30 BTC  Monthly Limit



  • 1% Daily Trading Bonus 
  • 15% Binary Bonus
  • 2 BTC Daily Limit 
  • 60 BTC  Monthly Limit



  • 1% Daily Trading Bonus 
  • 17% Binary Bonus
  • 4 BTC Daily Limit 
  • 120 BTC  Monthly Limit



  • 1% Daily Trading Bonus 
  • 20% Binary Bonus
  • 8 BTC Daily Limit 
  • 240 BTC  Monthly Limit



  • 1% Daily Trading Bonus 
  • 25% Binary Bonus
  • 16 BTC Daily Limit 
  • 480 BTC  Monthly Limit


16 BTC

  • 1% Daily Trading Bonus 
  • 30% Binary Bonus
  • 32 BTC Daily Limit 
  • 960 BTC  Monthly Limit


Powerful cryptocurrency education training products and services

These courses were created with the goal of publishing useful, authoritative tutorials that explain digital currencies in a practical manner.




We’ve searched far and wide to bring you the best publicly available educational content on digital currencies, sorted by subject and level.

Rather than overwhelm you with information you don’t need, we produce and structure our content in a way that helps you to learn easily and quickly.

We encourage your learning. Your access to our curated open source and quality original content is free with your registration.


CBT Academy offers powerful cryptocurrency education training products and services. Education at CryptoCurrency is where you can learn anything and everything that has to do with cryptocurrencies. From the basics to the latest information.



Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ’s)



How do I get started?

It is as simple as you just need to fill out the registration form on Sign Up page. Signing up opens an account with us and and you are the part of Crypto Bit Trading program.


What is the limit of single user account?

With no restrictions, You can always open Infinite accounts from same IP address and same email address, anytime and anywhere.


What are the modes of fund transfer (Deposit & Withdrawal)?

All deposits and withdrawals are processed in BTC. You’ll need to create and fund your BTC wallet to join our program and to get paid.


Is promotion of CBT (Crypto Bit Trade) limited to spams?

Absolutely YES, Remember All Spammers' Accounts will immediately be closed without any compensation. The email scams can be reported to the electronic messaging compliance team. We have A zero tolerance policy towards spammers and spamming.


What is the the refund policy?

CBT (Crypto Bit Trade) have no such policies involved where your investment is refundable.


How many people can I refer?

Infinite referrals are allowed In our business project. Meanwhile, an advantage to you is, you get an opportunity of direct referral earnings i.e., 5%-30% on each direct referral plus you get exclusive bonuses when you refer certain number of people.



Can I change my sponsor after I join?

NO, sponsor can not be changed once registration is completed.



Can I register my 2nd/multiple accounts under my own link?

YES, you may register multiple accounts under your own link.



How do I get paid?

Withdrawals are automated and paid daily (minimum withdrawal threshold 0.03BTC)



How do I submit a support ticket?

This is the easiest and most active part of our site. Simply click on contact us page and we will get back to your as soon as possible.


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